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What God Wants

In order to research a theory, a premise must be postulated, examined and then followed through each twist and turn of the direction it takes. The end result will either confirm the existence of a proven fact, or let the subject remain an unproven theory. The third scenario is that the results destroy the premise upon which the examination was based on.

That said, I took a look at Christianity today.

Based on the premise: The Bible is True, The Bible is Gods Word, The Bible is Accurate.

I then started to look at the different religious organizations within the framework of Christianity…(and renamed it Christendom in the process) to see if there is a common thread that unites all factions, or indeed, that gives equal credence in the eyes of God as to the validity of fundamentalism, or charismatica in this day and age.

Basically, the question is, Are all denominations of Christendom serving God?

In order to answer this question, I had to frame the query in another context.

In asking this question, it clarified my search and narrowed the criteria.

Are Christian denominations serving God the way HE instructs them to?

So, now the criteria has been established. We hold up each individual denomination large or small to the tenets of the Bible.

For regular readers of this website, you will have seen the vast amount of research papers posted here. For those new to it, there is good reading.

What the Bible teaches.

God is a singular. He is the Creator.

The Logos or word that became Jesus Christ is his first creation, firstborn. A singular.

The Holy Spirit, is Gods active Force, not an individual, but rather a power used by God and Jesus.

Some of Gods original creations, the Angels and others became Satan and demons by refusal to work with God and became opposed to him.

Mankind has been under the restraints of sin from the beginning. God promised to put things right in his timetable.

The Bible talks about everlasting life both in the heavens and the earth. A two fold placement of mankind. Not all will be in the heavens.

The Bible refers to Hell as the common grave of mankind, NOT a place of eternal torment.

The Bible has no reference to the Trinity or a Godhead.

The Bible has no reference to Tithing as an obligation.

The Bible does not refer to once saved always saved.

Jesus was not born in December.

Speaking in tongues is not valid for our day.

Prophesies are complete and full in the Biblical record we have. There are no prophetic words spoken by individuals today.

Faith was not required for healing in Jesus’ day.

Faith healing today is not Biblical.

The Rapture is not a true teaching in context.

I have only listed a partial list here. The articles contained within the pages of this blog, deal with each specific subject matter in detail.

SO, based on this small listing, Does your church teach opposite to what God has stated in his word? Are you serving him as HE wants?


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