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C.F.M. About us and Posting Policy





CFM is an association of Christian researchers who collate material and present it for review. We have no affiliation to any Religious Group or Creed. Our God is Yahweh or Jehovah. Our savior is Jesus Christ his Son.



The main website is at


The policy at CFM for posted material is as follows. We look at each research paper for overall agreement. Sometimes we note that errors have been made in dates and times and events. We ALLOW the material to be presented as is, so that informed (and sometimes not so informed) researchers can write in and politely advise of the mistakes. We have found that in following this approach, it becomes a joint venture for us all. If there are glaring doctrinal errors or misapplied contextual errors, we refrain from publishing and advise accordingly. Sometimes we post material that has an interesting slant to the content. Please note that we do not endorse all content on this site, but present it for information and discussion.


Please feel free to submit material for publication. Write to here for instructions


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